What Would Your Life Be Like 10,000 Years From Now?

It is most appropriate you are here…let us begin with our consultation. For a moment of time we desire for you to focus your attention on your understanding of forever or eternity. If forever or eternity is too vast a concept, then for a moment of time begin more slowly, begin with your chronological age and breathe profoundly and sensate in your body how many times it is that you have contemplated that you have felt that… the days have been long, that the weeks have been long, and yet it seems short, but already you have had a long life, already you have had many experiences and yet it is very short.

And then breathe profoundly and stretch your consciousness to 100 years, what is it to exist for 100 years? And for some of you this is quite a stretch in consciousness to be able to visualize the days, the weeks, the months, the years and the decades of what it means to be in existence 100 years.

And with the next profound breath project your consciousness 150 years, if you observe your body some of you will notice a resistance to 150 years, not because you do not desire to visualize it, but because you cannot or you cannot easily comprehend 150 years.

So in this moment you might imagine why a concept like eternity is just a concept to you and here lies the challenge of all teachers that have ever come to your planet, all beings that have ever come to your planet that are not regulated by the laws here, by your attachment here, by your identification with what it means to exist as a 3rd dimensional being. 

Here lies the challenge, is to create an atmosphere, to create a moment, to create a divine shock that will allow you for just a moment to have the understanding of the real purpose of physical life while you are here.

In this dialog it is very important not to misunderstand that we are diminishing anyone’s destiny or dream in the world, but rather expanding your awareness to understand that whatever dream you have in the world is secondary to the purpose.

The real purpose, or if purpose is not a suitable word for you, the real potential of physical life. 

Why would you come as a soul into physical life?

From not some motivation, some urge from the greater creative power that is source, that is the master weaver so-to-speak, metaphorically. Think you that you were sent here to write songs? Think you that you were sent here to write a book? Think you that you were sent here to inspire the masses? Some may think so and some may think that that’s what a spiritual life is and on that a level of truth it is. But if for a moment of time you can stretch your consciousness, awareness, past 150 years, make a radical shift in this moment of time and contemplate 1000 years. For as a spiritual entity you can comprehend, idealistically that you are eternal, that you are forever. 

And you can affirm that in your most profoundly meditative states of consciousness and in the state of consciousness in which you are on what is called the spiritual high. Know you the feeling that have you after a revival?  Know you what a revival is? It is an inspirational gathering by which entities collectively create an energy that projects the consciousness into the higher intellectual centers of being and in that, receive profound, great pleasure that is subtle and energetic and what is called a profound and powerful emanation of joy. It is like a joy pump…mmh, mmh, mmh, mmh, it is pulsating. You know that the most common revivals on your continent usually include many “Amens,” heard you “Amen” before, so be it, most appropriate.

It makes no difference what form a revival is, it produces a particular kind of energy and if that is your concept of spirituality, then the revival meeting is the highest level of spirituality you will ever attain and you can keep coming back here to this planet to have revivals onto the next 10,000, 20,000 years. 

Most of you here have already had incarnations as human beings with conceptual thinking for over 100,000 years. Most of you have had lifetimes on this planet with some semblance of consciousness for over a million years, but it keeps going.

Were you sent here to this planet to teach violin?  Perhaps that’s something you will be doing, but is that the purpose? The purpose of physical life seen in the context of eternity is very, very profound, so, in this moment, we desire to stretch the consciousness now to 10,000 years. 

Try to imagine in this moment of time with every power in your being, and most of you right now cannot do that, you imagine you’re doing that, some of you, but you’re not really doing it. 

Why not?  Because the brain, which is the receiver of thought that holds concepts in consciousness, has not had the experience of ongoing uninterrupted consciousness for even a 1000 years, so that does not lie in the brain.  So you will have to, out of necessity, go to a more profound state in the great mind, the great mind that surrounds you, that surrounds the room, that is everywhere, that you have access to, that you are receiving thought from directly into the brain, that is the great mind. 

So in the great mind, if you can be awake there just for a moment, you might energetically sense, get some of the fragrance of what it might mean, that you might exist as a consciousness in 10,000 years. 

That is not anything compared to eternity but compared to your concepts, 10,000 years is a long time. 10,000 years, what will you be in 10,000 years… breathe profoundly, contemplate that for a moment of time, it’s a very profound exercise. Let there be space, let there be a moment of silence, allow yourself to go deeply into it. What will you be in 10,000 years?

Now consider your lifetime now, that even in the context of 10,000 years, eternity beyond that, what could be the purpose of this physical life? If you have existed ongoingly, and you have, and eventually you will know that, as 100% experience when you’re finally free of your identification with form, with physical form. 

With this dimension you will know that, and you will know that without fear.  So what is the purpose of physical life in the context of 20,000 years, if in  20,000 years and 50,000 years and 100,000 years you will be existing, many of you, in dimensions of experience, that your senses, at this state of evolution  cannot comprehend, cannot really imagine, except for some small tidbit of fantasy of what you might be in 100,000 years. 

So if this spirit that you are, if the soul that you are, is existing ongoingly and ongoingly, why enter physical life?  What is the purpose of this? Have you ever woken up in your morning breathed profoundly, looked at the work on your desk and the dust in your house, threw your arms up and wondered – what is the purpose of this?

How has a magnificent God or Goddess, that I know I am, managed to take a turn to find self incarnated in such a world? What is the purpose of this? Do you remember a few moments ago we said we, contemplate for a moment of time why it is that it is most appropriate that you are here right now, today, that’s the answer.

Because all of you here in one way or another have sent that most sincere plea out into existence to understand what is the purpose of this? And in moments of time it seems purposeless, in many moments of time it seems a struggle, at one level or another in your human relationships, in your karmic situation, in your mental chatterings, in your depression, in your anger, in all of your churnings. Churnings, that’s what human beings do, they churn. That’s what churning looks like, you just churn. 

The purpose of physical life is to take a physical body, and the purpose of a physical body is to use that physical body as an instrument of the spirit soul, it is an instrument. 

Frequently you have heard it said, “this is the temple of God,” this is rhetoric unless you really understand what it means.

That this is the temple of God, and you do not need to call it God, Source, Universe, Existence, the Energy, it is the  vehicle of expression, it is the tool, and it’s very logical to understand that if you are in evolution and you are – spiritual evolution. 

Then to take a physical experience means that the physical body itself, the form of flesh and the form of the subtle bodies within and around that flesh, is in itself, a key to the greatest purpose you have in coming to this planet and that is to awaken. You may call it – to heal, therefore you are gathered here today in what is termed to be a Healers’ Congress. 

In a Mystery School authentic healing can only happen when you are awake, you may change circumstances while you are asleep, but to heal and to get the most from the physical experience so as to awaken yourself, because you may have the greatest life, the greatest incarnation, in social consciousness terms you might travel the world, climb mountains, swim rivers, swing from trees, all of you have done this before in other lifetimes.

You might write books, they might be bestsellers, you might get into the movies, Sunflower Priestess we know that you are an international star, it is most humble of you to come here to our humble audience, most appropriate, so be it. 

You might be all of those things, you might even amass a fortune in gold, you might even conquer lands, some of you on the planet are into that. You might start a social movement, you might free men from circumcision, you might free women from bras, you can start every social movement, you can accumulate all of the wealth and all of the fame and what happens at the end of the most rich and the most famous and the most accomplished and the most skilled entity, what happens at the end of the incarnation?

Did you forget already?

Because many of you here have died a 1000 times and a 1000 more, you died …phst… and it’s something like that, it’s not really a joke …phst… that’s approximately the sound that is made as the spirit passes through the subtle body, through the chakras upward to the crown toward the tunnel, it’s very quick …phst… some say in ancient legends, that’s how angels find their way to presence you during your hour, but they hear that …phst… they have very sensitive ears and they veer straight away to see who has …phst….

You might be the best mother, you might raise beautiful children, you might be very proud of them and sometimes they’ll be there to say goodbye when you …phst… it can seem meaningless in that context.

And there are entities on the planet that are not like you, a great many of them. 

Everybody here, everybody here, we cannot say this in every audience, but everybody here has had some inkling, some revelation, some feeling of forever, some feeling of beyond the flesh. There are entities on the planet who have no such feeling, who are seeking a type of enlightenment different from your type of enlightenment and what is that type of enlightenment called, to be even with …phst… that allows them to awaken every day realizing that no matter how many books they write, how many movies they get into, how famous they become, how many children they have and how supportive they’ve been in the community, that still they will…phst…

That is their enlightenment, to be at peace with that, to be able to function with that. Your enlightenment is the freedom from the identification with the flesh while realizing there is a great purpose in having come into your current form. 

We have discussed this in the teachings with some of you in regards to alchemical consciousness and we have discussed alchemical consciousness in regards to the spiritual evolution of sexual energy in the body. Some of you have taken that training for many months and have contemplated it over a year and a half, two years, that’s why there’s so many great lovers in the room now, correct Sunflower Priestess? Would you like to point out any of the great lovers in the room (she points to everyone) and you’re speaking from some sort of experience (laughter), so be it. That’s the purpose of your body, it’s very simple.

In a Mystery School we reduce the body to an instrument of transformation.

Breathe profoundly and contemplate that, because you might consider for a moment of time your understanding, but let that idea sink deeply into consciousness, do not think about it, don’t reason it, just breathe profoundly the concept. The body itself, the flesh body and the subtle body are instruments of transformation. So be it.

You may return to that concept of contemplation later.

It is obvious to a meditator, to one with wisdom, one with awareness, that the flesh experience is necessary if you are in a process of spiritual evolution and attaining wakefulness, attaining consciousness, reaching wakefulness at a profound level of course, then you understand that obviously the flesh experience and the subtle body experience is a necessary step. Consider the metaphor, alright we have discussed for a moment of time, alluded to tantra, alchemical tantra, sexuality, lets talk about food. 

Waking Souls, welcome to our consultation, it is most appropriate that you are here, cake, let us talk about cake.  What is the purpose, in the cake creation process, of an oven? Lets move forward in time for a moment. You are at a party, a dinner, that’s easy to imagine for some of you correct?

Sunflower Priestess it is easy for you to imagine, you’re invited for dinner so frequently as you are an international star, they really enjoyed you very much at the Cannes Film Festival, they really did, even though you could not make it, they enjoyed you there. Are you pleased to be loved by the French? So be it. 

We bring up France because on the planet, these entities really enjoy the finest cakes, pastries, most appropriate, so be it. You’re at a party and there’s cake and you’re eating it. Because the cake has fulfilled it destiny it has become what a cake can become, correct?

Whatever sort of cake it is, chocolate, chocolate cake is a favorite of some of you, or any cake is a favorite of many of you and some of you of course prefer a little piece of cake but you prefer it three times. Rather than have just one big piece of cake that is actually smaller than three small pieces of cake.

This is what the brotherhood observes about human beings and their preferences. It’s great amusement to observe humans and the games played at the buffet. You have done this all of you, you have played games at the buffet, correct? You have little tiny plates at the buffet, but you stand next to it for 3 to 4 hours, just one stuffed mushroom at a time to give everyone the appearance of your elegant form of eating. 

Then it is most appropriate we shall hold a buffet, a great one, the greatest one that we have held since the Sunflower Priestess held hers in Rome, so that you can be weighed and x-rayed upon exit, and that will show the illusion of what one stuffed mushroom does upon a plate over a period of four hours.

But how did this cake become a cake?

Somewhere most cakes have been in the oven, so what is the purpose of the oven? To take the liquid, the batter, some of you are happy to eat that as well, it goes into the oven, it incarnates into the oven for a short period of time, correct? And it comes out of the oven, and when it comes of the oven what has out happened to it? It has been transformed, it has changed, it has baked, because it has been in the oven. 

Very simply, beloved entities, you are in the oven, and that is a truth.

However, the majority of human beings on the planet never take advantage of being in the oven, so to speak, of being in the flesh body, of understanding the potential that the body itself has as a healing instrument,  it is a transformer, literally. 

The studies that many of you have made, some of you have made in-depth studies of chakra, energy centers, meridians, nadis.

Some of you have done work with implanted meridians. Have you done the work with implanted meridians? Not yet, but you will, most appropriate. That’s a matter of psychic surgery, some of the more advanced psychic surgeons are able to do that, place meridians in the body to act as energy enhancers in the experience of transformation of the energy. So when you understand the body from that context then it’s necessary, for the transformation of the spirit within, to begin to happen.

What do you need to do?

You need to turn on the oven, and that’s the work of a Mystery School.

And there are many ways to turn on the oven, there are many methods and we’re working with all of you already with this, every one that is here, already, before you arrived here, some of you we’re ongoingly working with as we incarnate in the body and dialog with you.

But even when you are not here, because of your intent, because you have called for the assistance our intention and attention is laid upon you and when our intention and attention is laid upon you it helps to create the heat by which you move more quickly through that experience and then while in the flesh body, might have more experiences of wakefulness.

Understand something very, very important about the oven, when you are in a Mystery School, especially if you’re residentially in a mystery school, the teachers of that school are not interested in any way in your comfort, did you know that? Are not interested in any way in your concepts about yourself and what you can and cannot do, you simply do. 

Here’s something very important in the Healers’ Congress, we desire each of you to know as you continue with your spiritual search, because all of you here are on a search, most of you here are on a search – a spiritual search for something comfortable, easy, where you do not have to do anything, to change anything about yourself. 

Breathe profoundly and examine if that is a truth for you. For some of you that will bring up great resistance and you’ll feel very insulted, but we’ve just told you the truth. 

Now that you’ve handled the truth, let’s move on. Despite that, you are here, right now, which means that there is some corner of your consciousness that knows that what you are experiencing in this moment in time as a teaching is a truth for you at this time in your life because you’re creating it, you’re manifesting it. Through the great law of karmic attraction, cause and effect, you are here listening only to the whisperings of your own soul, to what you can understand, to what we desire you to know as you continue on the search, for the path, for the method of healing that will bring you to wakefulness so that you can be a healer to yourself and a facilitator for healing for others, and it is this – that in the western consciousness today there is a fervor of spiritual awakening, of spiritual desire, understand say we spiritual desire – entities are seeking.

Why? Because the pressure of the current world situation, we’re not referring to terrorism and we’re not referring to the wars, we’re referring to something much closer to the pressure of what you have created in the West as your lifestyle, as your way of being, as your daily choices.

And that is not true for everybody here because some of you have gotten very smart and gotten away from it and learned to participate with it without letting it own you. And for that you’re to be greatly congratulated because you are a step closer to being able to have the time to do the work, to do the authentic work of healing upon yourself. 

But in this spiritual desire you’ll find a great many entities that are searching for something comfortable, that will make no demand, that will not ask anything of you, that will not ask you to change anything, now contemplate that, if there is not a shift in consciousness, how are you ever going to make authentic change? 

And if you understand that everything you have created in your existence up to now internally and externally, ohhhhhh, but especially internally, this mind, this chattering, these feelings, the self negation, the doubt, the worry, the anger, the lack, all of this that has been created inside up to now is for the very reason that you have not made a shift and have not been willing to let go of what it is that creates that to begin with.

So if you should enter a school and find you are given tasks that seem so profoundly impossible to you, investigate that, because you will find that when you go to revivals, when you go to church they do not ask you to do anything about yourself. Sometimes to spite that, there are some entities historically who go through the church with such profound intention they still make it, understand? Because it has nothing to do so much with the church as it has to do with how entities use the church, the church uses the entities, the entities use the church. 

For example, we have discussed with some of you before the historical St. Francis of Assisi, know you Franky, this entity, despite the climate of the church, found awakening, actually did something about his situation, actually endured the challenge, endured the ordeals. 

You have heard for example in some of the ancient schools of your modern times that entities were placed into labyrinths and chased by wild dogs, ever heard that before? Placed into labyrinths and had a charging bull, what did you call it, you called it the Minotaur, remember you the Minotaur, some of you faced the Minotaur, it frightened you so much, but why, why be frightened?

There are some instances in the spiritual quest where a shock of fear actually helps to wake you up, listen very carefully, this does not mean that ongoingly it is the purpose of life or a spiritual path to be terrified at every turn of the corner, but it means that in special orchestrated situations something may be so shockingly frightening that it’s healing. For example there are entities that come very close to death, that survive an illness, that get out of the burning building, that nearly drown and are saved at the last second and that can be very frightening to an entity identified in the flesh, very frightening.  

But that shock bypasses the entity’s data, there are entities on this planet that were outrageous, and selfish, and violent and greedy that came to the face of a shocking experience and through that shock, short circuited the data, short circuited the veil that allowed consciousness to emerge, it only takes a little glimmer. Some of you choose that method, contemplate this… How difficult is it for you to change your situation slowly? 

And comtemplate this… How many people in your life and some of you of course, think you’re already very old ‘cause you’ve been around at least 10,000 years, but your human lifetime, this flesh lifetime, is actually very short.

Cakes do not bake very long.

Consider for a moment how many people have you ever known in your lifetime that changed slow. Some entities changed, they got older, they got crankier, they got poorer, they got richer and greedier they became more famous and began to hide in their houses from the cameras, (to Sunflower) you like the cameras though, correct?

Will you be signing autographs later?

Healer’s Congress of initiation means, alludes to the concept, that something happens, some psychic jolt happens and it initiates the entity onto the path of awakening.

Some of you have had this experience already in previous incarnations and though you wasted many of your previous incarnations, meaning you did not use them to the full potential of what that flesh experience could have been, you retain, you have accumulated the energy of that practice. And so very early in your lifetime you awaken to a spiritual search and began to seek it, began to go through it and then began to realize slowly, as all of you here have come to realize, there is nothing, not anything more important that you could be doing in your incarnation, than seeing about your own transformation, your own awakening. 

You can start every social movement, you can build 10,000 schools on this planet to teach the illiterate and you will not change one thing if you do not transform yourself. You can even feel good about yourself, you could feel pride in all of the hungry entities that you have personally fed in soup kitchens, and that’s most appropriate. We do not mean to decrease the number of volunteers in soup kitchens that’s important work but it’s not enough. 

For some of you that’s very comfortable and you can smile and feel wonderful about yourself for doing that or feel pity or feel sorry, actually, not all of them, some of the entities that are taking to the streets, and are on the edge, know you what on the edge means? 

They’re not quite sure when they’re going to eat again, they’re not quite sure when they’ll be indoors again, they’re not quite sure when they will have human company again, they’re only quite sure that they’re in that moment at that time.

Some of these entities are a little bit closer to awakening than those that are sitting in the 3rd story of their house listening to a Deepak Chopra lecture. (To Sunflower) You have listened to Deepak Chopra lecture, correct? But you have also jumped on the bungee cord correct? That was more important work, so be it. You have swung on a trapeze, that was more important work, so be it.  But you’ve not fought off wild dogs yet? (No) It’s not necessary. 

The purpose of physical life is to cultivate the body, of course you have heard teachings saying the body is not necessary, that is a truth, ultimately it is not necessary, but God consciousness, creative force in existence has not mistaken, in bringing you to the stage, to this stage in the journey, to say you are in flesh because what flesh has to offer you at this moment of time is the instrument by which to awaken which is your spirit your essence.

When say we essence, when say we spirit, it is not even to say that spirit can really be asleep, it's not really asleep, it’s not anything, it just is, it exists. It is the watcher, that “you” that is identified, that is perceiving that within the flesh body is either awake or asleep. When it is asleep it cannot change its situation, it can only move the furniture it cannot build a new house, when it is asleep. 

When it is awake it becomes a most outrageous and powerful force that can bring to its capacity, the power of the great mind through the flesh to do the great work and to facilitate that work in others.

All of you have a worldly work, a worldly job and it really makes no difference what that is, there is not one type of work that is more noble than another, it is how that work is done. And the work that you chose is simply a matter of preferences in the construct of your character.

There are some of you who prefer to work closely with spiritual and metaphysical energies, there are some of you prefer to practice in the realms of healing, in the realms of the body, there are some of you who prefer to practice in the realms of physicality and movement, there are some of you who dislike to be famous for being famous, and that’s your work, but it’s all around your preference, it makes no difference, it is how you do the work.

It is knowing that even that work is an extension of what the body is doing and therefore, the work, the world work, the job, the career, the vocation, the ad vocation, is also a potential instrument for awakening. When you go into the world to seek, find a path that has heart, that is very important but find a path on which you are ongoingly challenged in which you know you’re close to the heat.

Let’s discuss the piano. If it is your intention to play the piano, to master the piano, to really play the piano and you do not know how. Would you be pleased to go to a teacher that says , “Well just practice about 5 minutes a week, whatever you feel like, just squeeze it in during commercials as you’re watching television, there’s no need to stress yourself out, just enjoy it.  One of the best things to do is just to bang on the piano, monkeys really like that.” 

Or would you seek a teacher, if you really desired to master the piano, that might make some in ordinary demand upon you, maybe you begin practicing an hour a day and then maybe you go deeply into that practice, and begin to practice two hours a day, and then you go deep into that practice and three hours a day and there are some entities that are preparing for the stage practicing 7-8 hours a day, correct beloved Sunflower Priestess?

Not you however, you’re not famous for the piano, but you have a piano friend, correct? So be it. 

Another famous entity the Sunflower Priestess convenes with, famous people like to convene with each other and lament over their fame. You visit him in the middle of the night sometimes just to listen to the music, correct? 

Practicing all night, and then eventually some mastery of the instrument has come, so when ever you’re seeking a path seek a path that has that type of challenge, with heart, that you can put your heart into. 

Because you can begin to imagine that by going to a revival, and this is a revival today, do not make any mistake about that. Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that because you’re hearing a spiritual lecture, that you’re doing spiritual work. You could get the same thing by watching an inspirational movie this morning, did you know that?

That’s the truth and that is a great truth. But the difference is, we hope to take this work to a different place, but if one of you hears anything of the point of what we’re telling about what a Healers Congress is, the potential for such a gathering of entities with a like intention to transform and to create an oven, an environment by which to awaken and that you might do something with this incarnation that might make some difference in 10,000 years. 

That is a very good contemplation for you, a very good contemplation. What are you doing about yourself that will make any difference to you or to anyone else 10,000 years from now, never mind eternity?

10,000 years from now what hope are you giving to yourself for 10,000 years from now.

Breathe profoundly for a moment of time.


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