Jerhoam is a non-physical enlightened Master that was a sage of the Great Work in ancient times. His Mystery School was on the island of Lemu in the Pacific.

He has returned through his human oracle to teach the full potential of the soul and to awaken the full empowerment of the mind. Jerhoam's students learn about 'home' beyond the physical and learn to master ordinary life through spiritual attainments.

For true seekers of enlightenment, Jerhoam is a precious teacher who imparts potent wisdom combined with incredible love, humor and shakti. His teachings are for serious students who wish to do the Great Work of the soul, where one delves into the phenomenal journey of personal and planetary enlightenment. Studies include sacred techniques and ancient philosophies that help students speed up their process of transformation.

As the founder of an ancient Mystery School, Jerhoam now presents his school of enlightenment in a modern context. The primary work involves awakening from the unconscious sleep that rules most people's lives. In this awakening, students aspire to liberate themselves from their own limitations.

While many of Jerhoam's advanced students have psychic abilities to see clairvoyantly, or to heal, these are merely by-products of the Great Work and not the goal of the work itself.

Jerhoam's teachings end the process of recycled ignorance that binds the soul to an experience that is only physical. The first step is to observe the self that exists beyond the parameters of physicality, and then enlighten the mind to its greater uses and potentials.

All traditions have said, "Know Thyself" first. It is here that we begin the profound journey into the deeper mysteries of life.

So be it.

[Disclaimer: Please note that the teachings in these programs, and the content of this website, make liberal use of allegory and metaphor in regard to psychic phenomena and alternative mythic history. Fantastic narratives and myths are valuable to those seeking spiritual insights through symbols. There is no need to have a belief in supernatural phenomena, or to follow a particular spiritual tradition, to benefit intellectually from what are called - Jerhoam Programs.  Allow the metaphors, stories, prayers, and meditations to enrich your imagination on your quest for self-knowledge and Enlightenment.]



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